Face recognition system for retail

As demand grows, retail shops struggle to create the best customer service, since seldom do they completely understand a regular person's needs. This is why our solution provides:

  • Insight into the customer opinion of the provided service through emotion recognition.
  • Security for customers and workers through criminal detection based on a provided database of dangerous individuals with the ability to manually update it.
  • Comprehensive customer analysis including gender and age.
  • FaceID-like system for keeping track of regular customers.
7 months

Project length
5 people

3 deep learning engineers, 1 designer, 1 frontend developer and 1 backend developer.
- Python
- OpenCV
- Pytorch
- FaceNet
- aiohttp
- React
- nextjs
Tech Challenge
  • Real-time performance with low computational power.
  • Sustainable data storage with fast I/O.
  • Easy-to-deploy solution.
  • Our solution applies fine-tuned and optimized FaceNet for recognition and customer analysis.
  • For the criminal detection, we use embeddings creation with similarity indexes.