About Us
Founded in 2020, PostData team persevered when others could not. We have developed a unique way of approaching the unconventional challenges and now we are solving the problems that no one has addressed before us. Relying on trust and responsibility in our clients, we avoid micromanagement and useless chattering, and so if you really strive for the best, then we are the ones.
Core team
Oleksii Piddiachyi
Data Science
Oleksii is one of very few Reinforcement Learning Researchers in Ukraine, writer, lecturer and podcaster. He is a co-author of a few papers on sound recognition published in Ukrainian tech journals. Oleksii has given lectures on Reinforcement Learning and AI in such companies as Grammarly, ARVI and Lalafo.
He is a co-host of Svoj Podcast and holds a column on similarities between humans and AI algorithms on Medium.com.
He also mentors at DEVrepublik school in Advanced Deep Learning and Intro to Machine Learning courses.

Andrii Rohoviy
Data Science
Andrii worked as a consultant in the AI domain for different companies, helping their businesses grow using modern science and technology. He has experience in implementing Data Science techniques in such domains as vessels navigation systems, telecom, e-commerce business and financial industries. Andrii has created pipelines which processed petabytes of data and brought the companies he worked on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pavel Filatov
Pavel is an experienced full-stack software engineer, consultant, entrepreneur and lecturer. He came from e-commerce space (ex-EVO) and was involved as a consultant or a developer in numerous early-stage ventures.
He continuously improves his knowledge of Rest API, gRPC, Graphql, Continuous integration and delivery, High Load projects, deployment and front-end development.

Alexander Galagan
Product Design
Alexander has been fortunate to work on numerous sophisticated and impactful products.
He strives to help businesses design great experiences.
Alexander's passion is to create human-oriented design for valuable products which change how people do their job in conservative and not fully digitised industries such as Finance, Legal, Energy, Supply Chain, Construction and other.

We are hiring
Research Engineer - Kyiv, Ukraine