Intelligent Delivery Planner

For delivery business time is crucial to win the market share. Many complex factors impact delivery time like vehicle capacity, cargo size and weight, driver availability and many more. To solve this we created a solution for delivery companies, which includes adjustable real-time routing planner, vehicle and driver assignment and advanced reporting system.
5 months

Project length
5 people

2 Full-stack developers, 1 Data Scientist, 1 Product design, 1 Product manager
  • System for choosing the optimal pathway for delivery
  • System for distributing points of delivery among vehicles
  • Accurate estimation timestamp of delivery
  • Automotive schedule system for workers
  • Post-delivery trackin
The day plan is at the glance on Dashboard. Summary data, driver availability, and order statuses provide clear picture and notify if there are any red flags.
Easy-to-use day plan creating process: upload a spreadsheet and the application will do the rest.