Clothes detection
AI automated or sometimes replaced a huge number of professions and industries. Now google maps can suggest a route to your house, Booking can suggest you a best apartment for your holidays. But what about a personal stylist, who will suggest which clothes wear today ? Our mission was to step by step create this stylist for you!
5 months

Project length
5 people

2 Machine Learning Engineer, 1 Front End Developer, 1 UX/UI Designer, 1 Devops
- Python
- TensorFlow
- React
- Computer Vision
- Neural Networks
- aiohttp
- Visual Search
Tech Challenge
  • Accurately detecting clothes on users photos
  • High loads system that gives response for thousands of users in one time
  • Easy-to-deploy solution
  • Detection and recognition of garments and accessories.
  • Style analysis including colours, shapes, and even fabric.
  • Clothes recommendation based on both user-specified preferences and most fitting to a user's style features.