App for meetings
Engage people in a more outdoors activity. No friends to play football with? No one to go with to the museum? Search no more. Quests will help you connect with the people in an engaging way, while earning levels and completing quests!
6 months

Project length
11 people

5 Back-end engineer, 1 data scientist, 1 machine learning engineer, 2 Android devs, 2 IOS devs
- Python
- Django
- Django Rest framework
- Recommendation System,
- Sklearn
- XGBoost
- Pandas
- LambdaRank
- TensorFlow
- Computer Vision
Tech Challenge
  • Create engaging level system that gradually increases in complexity and reward
  • Create a recommendation system that connect people by interest
  • Comprehensive user clustering by location and interests
  • Deep analysis of new activities a user might find interesting for broadening their horizon by creating correlation matrices
  • Use the technologies that support fast start and can easily become more sophisticated as the project grows.
  • Create a fast solution for resolving conflicts and introducing contracts between front-end and back-end.
  • Design level system, so that it would be easy to start, but that didn't lost engagement in a later period of time